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THREAD – ‘Fake News’ against the independence movement. Joan Mangues


The 1-O trials will start in the Supreme Court in a few days time. But, are you well aware of what is happening in Catalonia? Or perhaps the media have been manipulating some facts…

THREAD – ‘Fake News’ against the independence movement that have slipped through:

1. You’re told how children are indoctrinated in Catalan schools. But it turns out that the alleged school was a Christmas workshop organised by the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) in Vic. It was not a classroom in a school.


2. You’re told again and again just how illegal the reform of the Catalan Statute of 6 and 7 September was. But it turns out that in reality it was legally endorsed by the Constitutional Court.


3. They talk about the independence demonstrations giving false participation figures.


4. You’re told that independence supporters use children to block roads. But it turns out that this is false and in fact the road was blocked by almost 800 people, 150 meters away from the children. The road had been blocked for more than 4 hours at the time such photo was taken.


5. You’re told how the kale borroka and the CDRs (Defence Committees of the Republic) carry out an attack against a dealership. But it turns out that the images were fake and this wasn’t an independence attack. The dealership denied this.



6. You’re told how a friend of Otegui puts on a ‘show’ in front of the police on 1-O. But it is not the same person.


7. You’re told how the CDRs (Defence Committees of the Republic) assault a militant from Ciudadanos and they show you images of a woman with a broken nose. But it turns out that this is a photo of a surgical operation years ago.


8. You’re told how balconies in Spain are full of flags to fight Catalan separatism. But it turns out that the photo belongs to a property development for sale in Zaragoza, and it has been manipulated.


9. You’re told how a teacher humiliated the daughter of a Guardia Civil because of the 1-O police charges. But it turns out that the woman accused doesn’t even live in Catalonia, neither is she a teacher, nor the girl is a daughter a Guardia Civil. The Granada police had to deny it.


10. You are told how Catalan fanaticism forces a family to leave their home in Catalonia. But in reality they are a family from Palma de Mallorca, who left more than a year ago and returned to their homeland, Gijón.


11. You are told how Julian Assange posted 40,000 messages on Twitter in support of Catalan separatism. But it turns out that Assange only had around 4,000 tweets published in his account.


12. You are told on live TV how the police entered the polling station where Puigdemont was meant to vote on 1-O ‘without the use of force’. But it turned out that they entered by smashing the doors. Inside there was international press connecting live.


13. In the Congress stand they tell you how textbooks in Catalan schools manipulate children. But it turns out that such textbook was a children’s encyclopaedia from TV show Club Super3, not a school book.


14. You are told how the Catalan economy is collapsing because of the independence process. But it turns out that the rate of unemployment is falling, exports continue to set records and El Prat airport continues to grow.


15. You are told how Arrimadas has a personal bodyguard because of the political situation. But it turns out that in the last 10 years all the opposition leaders have been assigned one.


16. You are told how violent the Catalan independence movement is. But it turns out that the violence of the ultra-right carried out in the name of the unity of Spain has resulted in 328 attacks in less than two years in Catalonia.


17. They tell you that the people injured on 1-O are fake. Watch this video.


18. You are told that TV3 manipulates. But it turns out that in reality Spanish RTVE employees went on strike to report the manipulation in their workplace. In fact, TV3 has very good neutrality ratings according to the CAC (Audiovisual Council of Catalonia).


19. You are told that the Catalan deficit is an invention. But it turns out that the Spanish treasury itself has admitted this.


20. You’re constantly being told how the independence movement is losing strength. But it turns out that election after election the pro-independence parties gain votes.


21. You are told that climbing on top of a car is a crime of rebellion and is punishable by 20 years in prison. But it turns out that the Jordis, accused of such crime, did that in order to ask people to calm down and to call the demonstration off.


And now the question is: Are they actually reporting on Catalonia or are they manipulating you?

HILO de ‘fake news’ contra el independentismo. 30 de enero de 2019.
Por Joan Mangues @jmangues.



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