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Escàndol: 181 generals i alts comandaments demanen ‘respecte per Franco’

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Scandal: 181 generals and high commanders in the reserve request ‘respect for Franco’. The military commanders, all in the reserve, signed a manifesto praising the figure of the dictator.

The document, published by Ok Diario, detailing the names/surnames of all
signatories, is entitled ‘Declaration of respect and reparation to General
Francisco Franco Bahamonda, soldier of Spain’.

And it has come out to light now when the Spanish government of Pedro Sánchez is determined to exhume the remains of the dictator and remove them from the Valley of the Fallen.

Among the signatories, there are fifteen generals: José Sierra Rabuenca, Luis
Gomez-Hortigüela Amillo, Carlos Blond Álvarez del Manzano, Javier Bohorquez López- Lóriga, José Miguel Aldea Marín, Jesús Alfredo Ruiz Fernandez, Francisco Martínez Esparza Valiente,

José Fernando Abos Coto, José María Sanchez de Toca y Catalá, Enrique Cano de las Heras, Salvador Fontela Ballesta, Agustín Muñoz-Grandes Galilea, Juan Chicharro Ortega, Luis Casteleiro Villalba, Blas Piñar Lopez and Alberto Asarta Cuevas.

They say in the manifesto that they are paying a ‘tribute to the heroes who forged Spain and to all those who gave their lives for Spain. The tribute is a debt of gratitude and an incentive to continue with the ‘work’ of Franco.

In addition, they attack the left-wing, which they accuse of having disregarded the dictator. ‘After the constant attacks on the person of General Franco since his death, slowly but steadily erasing any trace of his work for Spain in the historical moments that he lived, […]

the political left & its affiliates have unleashed an uncontrolled campaign, hardly understandable if it wasn’t for their visceral obstinacy of revenge in order to erase 1/2 a century of our history, by means of a final attempt to make the main creator of this history disappear.

They add in the manifesto that the figure of Franco has been used to hide the reality of the current territorial collapse of the nation and the obvious inequality among the Spaniards.

AnnA @annuskaodena

OK Diario

You can see the list of signatories in Ok Diario: 181 altos mandos del Ejército en la reserva firman un manifiesto en el que piden respeto al “militar Franco” y critican la “campaña infame” contra él. 

Els comandaments, tots a la reserva, signen un manifest elogiant la figura del dictador. Vilaweb