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The strange rebellion of the rebels who protected the Guardia Civil’s weapons. El Món

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The Prosecution tiptoes over one of the key events of 20-S, the rifles that were left unattended inside the Guardia Civil vehicles outside the Ministry of Economy | The ANC (Catalan National Assembly) covered up the Civil Guard’s negligence

Article traduït per AnnA @annuskaodena

El Món - The strange rebellion_1
Guardia Civil car full of pro-referendum banners | JORDI BORRÀS

One of the most obscure facts of the events of 20-S outside the headquarters of the Ministry of Economy was the discovery of rifles inside the Civil Guard vehicles. This is a strange scenario because the armed forces’ regulations make it clear that the neglect of the weapons custody, as any other item of the standard equipment, is a punishable offence. The discovery of these rifles left unattended in the cars during the protest demonstrations against the police searching the offices of the Generalitat is a key point of the defence.

In fact, the Prosecution and the State Attorney are tiptoeing around the subject even though they are requesting a 17-year prison sentence. Thus, not only the negligence to leave the weapons unattended but also the decision taken by Jordi Sánchez, president of the ANC at the time, to protect the cars with volunteers. A decision that surprised the Criminal Division of the Supreme Court and also many Spanish journalists, given the comments in the Library set up as a press room.

As he explained in his statement, Sánchez received a call from a Guardia Civil lieutenant who alerted him of the presence of the firearms. “He told me that there were rifles in the cars that had been parked opposite without any close surveillance,” he said. A message that Sánchez has admitted generated a “tension like he had never experienced in any other demonstration”.

Sánchez immediately contacted the Chief of the Mossos, Josep Lluís Trapero, and the intendent Teresa Laplana, who are now also charged with sedition at the National High Court. They requested his help and Sánchez replied that he would do “whatever was in his power to prevent greater evils“, although public order was not his “responsibility“. “I was only responsible for making a passageway,” he riveted. “So we extended the security zone to protect the vehicle,” he said. “I will do my best to prevent worse evils, but it is not my responsibility to protect weapons or vehicles,” he said.

This story clashes with the narrative of sedition and rebellion that the prosecutions are attempting. The fact that the ANC decided, with its volunteers, to protect not only the Guardia Civil vehicles, but also the firearms, has no coherence whatsoever with the objective of overthrowing the constitutional order through a ‘tumultuous’ movement that wanted to obstruct the judicial action.

Article traduït per AnnA (@annuskaodena)
Article translated by AnnA (@annuskaodena)

Source: El Món @MonDiari 


Author: Quico Sallés @QuicoSalles
Publication date: 21 February 2019


Catalana. Londinenca. Republicana. Llicenciada en Filologia Anglogermànica. Traductora i correctora. Estimo les llengües i els llibres. Estimo la meva terra, Catalunya

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