Days like yesterday’s spark debates and discussions in our closest circles, where I have been able to confirm that there are very perverted opinions about the real meaning of the feminist movement.

As a general rule I refuse to enter these populist debates at street level, but yesterday I couldn’t help but refute the lack of empathy on one part of society towards feminism.

Terms such as FemiNazi or Totalitarian Feminism, used in a partisan way by a sector of the political class, have deeply penetrated the opinions of the public, ignoring the true struggle and values that the feminist movement has defended, is defending and unfortunately must continue to defend.

To consider the perverted and politicised version of the most radical feminism as truthful is to strip ourselves of the obligations we have as society with a collective that today is still at a disadvantage in many sectors, and I say society because this discourse has been assumed by both men and women.

Systematically pushing against the law of gender violence because of the extremist interpretation that justice has managed to do in some cases (with the consequent damage to men that a false accusation on the part of their ex-partner forced them to live a traumatic episode in their divorce proceedings), is accepting in turn that the victims of gender violence claim that all men are abusers or rapists, is moving the debate to its most dangerous extremes and with even worse consequences, is erasing with one stroke the work achieved so far by an egalitarian, plural and cohesive feminism that yesterday demonstrated on a massive scale.

A feminism in which many men are a part of and of which many more must be part in the future.
The misleading publicity of some political parties and allied media is welcomed and accepted by a part of our society, to the detriment of a collective so essential and useful to achieve a more egalitarian and fair society.

Unfortunately, I come to the conclusion that in the 21st century, days like yesterday are and will continue to be necessary, for as long as the meaning of a collective is perverted for partisan purposes instead of promoting a better education of society on equality and rights.


Paco Santero @paco_santero

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Vaig créixer entre pàgines plenes d’herois, agents especials i a la nit sopava amb Carpanta. Sempre aprenent dels grans i també dels petits. Sense humor no entenc aquest món i sense humor no hi hauria crítica. -Paco Santero-

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