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THANK YOU LETTER/CARTA PER DONAR GRÀCIES (plantilla – Cartes per la República)


Des d’avui, a la web de ComuniCATs allotjarem algunes de les cartes del grup Cartes per la República @CartesxRep. Aquestes cartes es posen a disposició dels usuaris per poder fer enviaments més fàcilment.

Tenim un lema: “Entre totes, tot!“.

A cada carta trobareu una petita descripció i indicacions sobre a qui enviar. Per a qualsevol cosa podeu posar-vos en contacte amb [email protected].

Gràcies per ajudar-nos a multiplicar les nostres.

Aquesta carta d’avui és per donar les gràcies a personalitats, organismes, polítics, parlamentaris que han fet, dit o signat alguna cosa positiva en favor de Catalunya. Els espais en groc cal modificar-los segons les circumstàncies. Recomanem que cadascú modifiqui i personalitzi la seva carta, depenent també a qui enviem. Els enllaços també es poden actualitzar.

Aquí a sota podeu trobar La Carta.



Dear Mr. Xxx / Ms. xxxx

Thank you very much for expressing your concerns about the trial against Catalan political prisoners and your intention to XXXXXXX and reach out to the civil society.

(My name is xxxxx, I am xxxx years old, work as xxxxx and live in xxxxxx.)

We are a group of volunteers, Catalan citizens who, since October 2017, have been reporting on what is happening in Catalonia. The reason to do so was that we could see Spanish media was heavily controlled and censored by the government, especially when we saw their denial of abusive use of force against peaceful voters and the whole world saw people injured as a result of police brutality.

We would be more than happy to welcome you and show you all the work we have been doing in the last 2 years as well as our communication with journalists, politicians, human right’s activists and all the feedback we have received.

We really hope that you, as xxxxxxxx, can start a serious dialogue with Spanish authorities. So far, the Catalan civil society has only seen passivity from European Institutions while human rights are systematically violated.

In 2015 the Spanish government passed a controversial piece of legislation known officially as the “Citizen Safety Law” but popularly called the “Gag Law”.

This law has created “a police state” because amongst other repressive points, it gave law-enforcement officers the power to hand out administrative sanctions that were, until then, the sole preserve of judges.

Please take into account that this trial is just the tip of the iceberg as hundreds of people are charged every day.

Just last week 30 more people were indicted for helping organise the Catalan referendum of 1st October 2017 (including managing directors of Catalan TV and radio stations) now they are demanding a 6 million € bail in 24h.

Thanks again for your hard work denouncing the decline of freedom and human rights in Europe, we need more people and institutions like yours.

I enclose a list of various sources for your reference, in some of them, you can check the judicial proceedings and daily updates:


Best Regards,

Nom i Cognoms (de qui envia)

Xxxxx (signatura de qui envia)



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