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The Navy opens disciplinary procedeeings for serious misconduct against a sailor who signed a declaration against Franco.

The Navy opens disciplinary proceedings for serious misconduct against a soldier who signed a declaration against Franco The sanction can be up to 30 days in custody and removal of the post The file states that the criticism of the…

The public prosecutor of the National Court questions whether there will be “impartiality and serenity” if the process is tried in Catalonia.

Pedro Rubira has defended the National Court jurisdiction to try the case against the former chiefs of the Mossos d’Esquadra, Mayor Trapero among them. Following these statements, the Public Prosecutor’s Office has made it clear that it does not “question…

The (un)controlled police force: a democratic anomaly.

In cases where the State law enforcement authorities are presumably responsible for an offence, such as on October 1st, what public mechanisms exist to prosecute this type of crime? Article translated by AnnA (@annuskaodena) On Tuesday, November 13th, the 24…

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拘置所制度の抜本的な改善に取り組まない限り、我々は無実の人が収監されているという事実を世間に訴え続ける Article traduït per l’Anyilaisa (@anyilaisa) 各種社会運動団体の関係者やカタルーニャ政府の首脳陣、そしてカタルーニャ議会の議長に対し最初の拘禁措置決定が下されてから1年が経過した。拘禁生活が長期に及んでいるにもかかわらず、判決の宣告もされず、ましてや裁判すら開かれず、司法機関が訴訟の本案に耳を貸さない状況が続いている。 無論、拘禁中の各人に対し、最高裁判所の抗告法廷を含め予審判事の呼出に応じる機会は複数回設けられたが、単に保釈の請求や未決拘禁状態の継続の不当性を検討するにとどまり、身柄拘束の原因を論ずることも、我々の行為を擁護するための議論や違法行為が存在しないことの証明について検討されることもなかった。

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Prison without a trial, early sentence. An exceptionality?

Until a dramatic change in pre-trial detention is dealt with, we will continue to show that there are innocent people in prison. Article translated by AnnA (@annuskaodena) A year ago the first pre-trial detentions were ruled for various members of…

Sí, és clar, a ComuniCATs també fem servir galetes, carquinyolis, neules... Les tenim amb o sense gluten, de xocolata, farina d'espelta..., boníssimes totes. Si les vols clica! Benvinguda! Més informació.

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