Luis Planas, Sánchez’s Minister of Agriculture, honored a bloodthirsty Francoist military. Traducció de Vilaweb


It happened in 2006, when Planas was a Spanish Ambassador in Morocco.

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Luis Planas

Luis Planas has been appointed Minister of Agriculture by the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez. Born in Valencia, Planas was a PSOE representative in the Spanish Congress for Córdoba; a Councillor for Junta de Andalucia and a Spanish Ambassador in Morocco. His position as ambassador lasted 6 years, between 2004 and 2010, and it was during this time when he took part in a very controversial tribute.

A tribute to lieutenant general Mohamed Mizzian, one of the most bloodthirsty Francoist military. It was at the end of May 2006 when that a private museum dedicated to Mizzian was inaugurated in the city of Nador in a house that Franco gave him as a gift. With numerous photos of the dictator. And Luis Planas was the one to cut the tape.

Planas headed a Spanish delegation in the tribute and recognition act in which the second Chief of Staff of the Spanish Army took part, according to the chronicles of those days, such as this one in El País.

This generated criticism from some Spanish progressive sectors. An example is this letter to the editor published in El País itself, entitled ‘Homage to a bloodthirsty military man‘. It was signed by two famous trade unionists from the Workers’ Commissions (CCOO), Alfonso Martínez Foronda and Eduardo Saborido Galán.

They said:

‘This military man accompanied Franco from the first moment of the uprising against the legal government of the Republic, directing the drums of regular, Moroccan mercenaries used by Franco as a fighting force during the course of the war.

And continued:

‘They especially stood out because, while they were occupying villages, they shoot down prisoners en masse, they castrated them and walked around with their remains stuck in their bayonets, as a symbol of victory. They raped women until they were killed, they raided their homes, and later sold the goods that they obtained.

After the civil war from 1936 to 39, in which Mohamed Mizzian played a prominent role in some of the bloodiest battles, such as the Siege of the Alcázar in Toledo, the Siege of Madrid and the Battle of the Ebro, he was appointed General Captain of Galicia and the Canaries by the dictator Francisco Franco.

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Article de El País, Tánger

La última victoria de Mizzian, el general exterminador

El golpista rifeño homenajeado ordenó rematar a los heridos republicanos en Toledo y fue despiadado con las mujeres.


Mohamed Mizzian


“Con el aliento de la venganza de Dios sobre las puntas de sus machetes persiguen, destrozan, matan y embriagados con la sangre la columna avanza”. Así describe el jesuita Alberto Risco, en su libro La epopeya del Alcázar de Toledo, la entrada en la ciudad, el 29 de septiembre de 1936, de las tropas del coronel Mohamed Mizzian, el marroquí que alcanzó la más alta graduación en el Ejército de Francisco Franco. Llegó a capitán general.

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