Incidents with political motivation in favour of the unity of Spain registered in the Catalan Countries

Incidents against Catalan citizens are occurring in great numbers in our country. While the independence movement for the Republic is characterised by active non-violent resistance, exerted through demonstrations, mobilisations and initiatives of a positive and civic nature, the response by the Spanish side has been -and continues to be- (in certain cases) threats, insults, campaigns of discredit, acts of vandalism and assaults, throwing of objects, physical and verbal attacks, and even gun shots.

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We have developed a map to geographically locate the incidents and make a record of the visual evidence of these serious actions and, given the continuity of the violents incidents, with the aim of incorporating those that took place after September the 11th 2017, until the present day.

We have based the first phase on the chronology of incidents which we endured in Catalonia in the last quarter of 2017, compiled by Jordi Borràs within the Mèdia.CAT Yearbook annex (developed by the Group of Journalists Ramon Barnils). By transferring the data into the map that we present to you, the situation still takes on a more relevant dimension: the magnitude of the situation we are putting up with clearly shows that we continue to endure it repeatedly.