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Fot-li Pou - Jordi Borras

Franco was buried but the Franco regime wasn’t. Fot-li Pou

Fot-li Pou

Article traduït per AnnA (@annuskaodena)

Fot-li Pou - Jordi Borras

15 days ago I published an article on this website entitled «Esperant el mort» (Waiting for the dead one). It was a text without frills, along the lines of other articles I have written in recent months, where I warned of a growing irrational violence from supporters of the unity of Spain, whether or not they are right-wing activists. I couldn’t imagine then that a week later, on Monday 16th of July, I would be the victim of one of their attacks. Certainly, there was no surprise factor: in the last five years I have filed about a dozen police reports related to countless death threats, coercion and attempted aggression that I have had to endure from the far-right and the most intransigent Spanish ultra nationalism. Unfortunately in my case, few reports have been successful. One of them, even, ended with a 1 year prison sentence for Pedro Chaparro, fascist leader of Democracia Nacional, also convicted for assaulting the Blanquerna Cultural Centre in Madrid. Chaparro has never served the sentence, despite the double conviction which adds up to 5 years of prison.

Chaparro’s case is just a perfect example to illustrate the kind of impunity that the Spanish far-right have enjoyed with all types of governments since the Transition scam. The party that he leads, Democracia Nacional, has targeted me for the simple reason of doing journalism, with or without camera, and for never hiding what I think. For this reason, Pedro Chaparro encouraged the 300 far-right militants who were celebrating the Spanish National Day in Montjuïc on the 12th of October, to beat me up if they saw me. He did this in public despite the police and media presence because he knew he had impunity: after all, as I said above, despite the double conviction, Chaparro has never entered prison.

Last Monday, while returning from work and in the heart of the tourist centre of Barcelona, coincidentally one of the least busy streets, an individual approached me while shouting “Long live Spain and Long live Franco!” and seconds after he had checked that nobody else was around in that alley, I received a rain of blows directly on the face and other parts of my body. The man, who identified himself as a police agent, ended up fleeing the scene. I was lucky, a lot of neighbours came over to help me very quickly. Some of them chased the aggressor until they lost him. I could barely speak, in shock by what had just happened to me, while checking if I still had all my teeth in place. A broken nose, a split lip, a terrible headache and an unbearable pain in the ribs that, to this day, a week after the events, hardly lets me sleep. On the floor, a bag with some personal items was left behind by the aggressor as well as a lethal hunting knife.

Fot-li Pou - Navalla

In short: a Spanish police officer –a serving member of a police unit called the “Information Brigade”- who hasn’t been suspended and is still working, beat me up while shouting Vivas to Spain and Franco. There is no better summary to simplify the last five years of threats I have suffered on my own skin. So I wonder, who the hell do they want to exhume from the Valley of the Fallen, if it turns out that thanks to the 78 scam, everything the dictator represents is still very much alive?

Jordi Borrás (Gràcia, Barcelona, 1981) is a well-known freelance photojournalist and illustrator, and a specialist in the world of the far-right and Spanish nationalism and its branches in Catalonia. He has photographically documented most of the demos and public events carried out by all kinds of organisations and groups related to the Spanish far-right since 2010. Borràs has also been documenting the various pro-independence rallies and the Catalan parliamentary life.

Currently, he collaborates, among other media, with El Món, El Temps, Crític and the basque magazine Argia. He has published the following books: Warcelona: Una història de violència, Plus Ultra. Una crònica gràfica de l’espanyolisme a Catalunya, Desmuntant Societat Civil Catalana, La cara B. Una altra mirada al procés and Dies que duraran anys.

Dies que duraran anys (Days that Will Last for Years)
The events of 1st October 2017 will be forever etched into the collective memory of several generations of Catalans. The astuteness of all those citizens who guarded ballot boxes and papers, the first wave of arrests of public officials, society’s all-out mobilisation, the police violence, the peaceful resistance and the political and judicial action triggered by all of this will accompany some and haunt others for the rest of their lives.

The autumn of 2017 left us with many iconic images. This book brings together a series of photographs that Jordi Borràs, has saved for posterity, as well as a selection of images by Sergi Alcázar, Oriol Clavera, Ramón Costa, Sira Esclasans, Ramon Ferrandis, Albert Garcia, Santi Iglesias, Miriam Lázaro, Carles Palacio and Carles Ribas. Accompanying the pictures are texts by renowned, talented writers who, like many, lived those days with a strange mixture of joy, horror and, above all, dignity.

Article traduït per AnnA (@annuskaodena) segons el meu millor coneixement de l’anglès.
Article translated by AnnA (@annuskaodena) to the best of my knowledge of English.

Font: Fot-li Pou @Fotlipouweb

Autor: Jordi Borràs @jordiborras
Data de publicació: 24 de juliol de 2018
Font de les imatges: Jordi Borràs



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Llicenciada en Filologia Anglogermànica. Traductora i correctora.
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