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FIL del Rafael Pous, 6 de novembre de 2019 – Traduït en anglès


Traduït per AnnA @annuskaodena

THREAD by Rafael Pous @Pous

“In Spain, as with Trump in the U.S., there are so many scandals that the system does not have time to digest and properly expose them, and they get off scot-free: 

  • Spain’s vice-president threatens Belgian executive if they don’t extradite
  • Pablo Casado reveals that the Supreme Court leaked the sentence
  • @sanchezcastejon promises the head of @KRLS live on TV
  • Sánchez admits he controls the public prosecutor’s office
  • Scottish consul accuses Borrell of forcing him to breach the constitution
  • Police (also @mossos) baton charge without being attacked
  • Police accused of illegal detentions
  • Police accused of planting false evidence
  • Police accused of torturing underage detainees
  • Police admitting taking sides to French TV
  • Police displaying flags from their vans
  • Police shouting “we’re peaceful!”
  • Police using illegal rubber bullets
  • Police using the illegal carousel technique
  • Detainees held in isolation and deprived of defence lawyers
  • Detainees charged with terrorism without any evidence
  • False accusations of detainees in possession of explosives precursors
  • Protester from Madrid arrested for supporting Catalonia
  • Government can now shut down the Internet without a court order
  • Guardia Civil request to be able to shut down apps without a warrant
  • A Telegram account accused of terrorism
  • The executive power promise to shut down a public TV (@tv3cat)
  • The executive power promise to intervene the Catalan education system
  • State funeral to dictator Franco in full pre-campaign
  • The ERE sentence is postponed so as not to influence the #10N elections
  • – The prosecution accuse @LauraBorras, candidate for @JuntsXCat, in the middle of the campaign 
  • The prosecution investigates @epaluzie, president of @assemblea, in the middle of the campaign 
  • The king visits Barcelona in the middle of the campaign

No, we are not living in a state under the rule of law. Spanish democracy is falling into a spiral.

And so are you Spaniards, some of you by remaining silent, others by voting for V0X.

We Catalans already see independence as a question of survival.

See you at the polls!


Rafel Pous, 6 de novembre de 2019



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