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El jutge ha ordenat presó incondicional pels 7 membres dels CDRs acusant-los de terrorisme. A continuació trobareu una breu actualització i la traducció del comunicat d’Alerta Solidària @AlertaSolidaria del 25 de setembre en anglès que podeu emprar per a escriure les vostres cartes i enviar-les a diaris estrangers.

Today, 26 September 2019, the judge from the Spanish National High Court, Manuel García Castellón, has sent to prison 7 Catalan activists under the accusation of belonging to a terrorist organization. We attach the translation of the report that Alerta Solidària @AlertaSolidaria published yesterday summarizing the events.

Report by Alerta Solidària @AlertaSolidaria

48 hours after the arrest of 9 colleagues accused of terrorism

More than 48 hours ago, 9 people from Sabadell, Mollet, Santa Perpètua, Cerdanyola and Sant Fos de Campsentelles were detained in a Guardia Civil (Spanish paramilitary police) operation orchestrated by the Audiencia Nacional (High Court that just exist in Spain, heir of the Fascist Public Order Court) in which more than 500 agents participated.

These municipalities woke up on Monday at 6 in the morning with agents of the Guardia Civil smashing doors and the streets taken by agents of the Guardia Civil and the Mossos d’Esquadra (Catalan police).

After hours of search in the homes of detained people, 7 were transferred to Madrid and two were released 12 hours after their detention. At this point, the legal team has been unable to access any type of documentation about the case and has not been provided by the Audiencia Nacional when the detainees were transferred to judicial disposition there.

The accusation against people that the defense had access to, is terrorism.

Vulnerations of the Right of Counsel of the detainees

During these two days, the defense team of the detainees has suffered numerous difficulties intentionally exercised by both, the Guardia Civil, the prosecutor and the Audiencia Nacional that have caused serious violations of the rights of detainees:

First of all, there have been leaks to the media of its own operations, the alleged accusations, supposed elements found in the registry, etc; in a case in which the defense cannot have access due to it is under seal.

On the other hand, it has been difficult for the team of lawyers to know where the detainees were, not informing them or providing them with contradictory information.

Lawyers have also found difficulties to interview the detainees delaying it for more than 36 hours.

At the same time, the lawyers designated by the relatives of some of the detainees were prevented from doing their job and denied access to two of the detainees, both, the visit and to be able to know the accusations on them. In this sense, the Guardia Civil has prevented the attorney team from assisting two of the detainees and have been assigned with a public defender.

Valuations about the operation

From Alerta Solidaria, this operation is valued as an operation of political and electoral type with a double will: on the one hand to make electoralism a few weeks before the general elections in Spain and on the other hand to try to stop the next mobilizations around October 1st and the verdict of the trial against the Catalan political prisoners.

The constant leaks by Spanish judicial institutions and police denote a dirty war that has much more to do with a media pulse against independence than with a judicial process underway.

Finally, it is found that, despite the attempts of criminalization, demobilization, and isolation that are aimed at this operation, the response of the population has been mobilization and solidarity. Only by continuing with the mobilizations of support, the rejection of repression and the fight for the freedom of our people we will be able to stop this and so many other repressive hits.

Sabadell, September 25, 2019

Traduït per l’equip de traducció de Cartes per la República @CartesxRep
Translated into English by the translation team of Cartes per la República @CartesxRep

Original in Catalan:


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