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The truth about the imam of Ripoll. Público

The truth about the imam of Ripoll. Público The truth about the imam of Ripoll – Part 1. Público The truth about the imam of Ripoll – Part 2. Público The truth about the imam of Ripoll – Part 3….

Démocratie et désobéissance civile. Jordi Cuixart (Président d’Òmnium Cultural)

Aujourd’hui, il y a 600 jours que je suis prisonnier politique. La Cour suprême est sur le point de mettre en delibéré un procès où l’État demande au président d’Omnium 17 ans de prison et jusqu’à 214 ans d’emprisonnement pour…

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1919 – 2019. The repression against Catalonia continues. Vibrant

  Detentions and incarcerations of independence supporters. Spanish nationalists rioting and attacking the Catalans. Limitation of freedom of expression. We are experiencing this today, well into the 21st century, but 100 years ago the Catalans also suffered a similar wave…

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1919 – 2019. La represión contra Cataluña continúa. Vibrant

Artículo traducido por AnnA @annuskaodena Detenciones y encarcelamientos de independentistas. Agresiones y disturbios españolistas contra los catalanes. Limitación de la libertad de expresión. Lo vivimos hoy, bien entrado el siglo XXI, pero hace 100 años los catalanes también sufrimos una…

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The rulings by the Constitutional Court (CC), the Supreme Court (SC) and the National Court disobeyed by Rajoy. El Punt Avui

Rajoy’s government failed, at some point, to comply with more than 30 rulings by the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court or the National Court As a witness in the 1-O trial, the former PM said he wasn’t aware of it…

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The strange rebellion of the rebels who protected the Guardia Civil’s weapons. El Món

The Prosecution tiptoes over one of the key events of 20-S, the rifles that were left unattended inside the Guardia Civil vehicles outside the Ministry of Economy | The ANC (Catalan National Assembly) covered up the Civil Guard’s negligence Article…

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Descriptive statistics of the people attended to by the Catalan Health Service as a consequence of the police charges on the day of the referendum on self-determination in Catalonia on October 1st 2017. Núria Pujol-Moix

The background, announcement and preparation of the referendum, the repressive actions of the State and different facts that took place on the voting day have been summarised in an annex at the end of the article. Author: Núria Pujol-Moix (@npujolmoix)…

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From “fair trial” to a “mistrial” by Gonzalo Boye. El

Article traduït per AnnA @annuskaodena In the world of law, it’ not just the contents but also the formalities and the appearances that matter; particularly when it comes to the right to an impartial judge as the European Court of…

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“El Ministerio de la Verdad” por Milford Edge @milfordedge

Articulo traducido por AnnA (@annuskaodena) El Ministerio de la Verdad Los nueve políticos y líderes civiles catalanes en prisión preventiva en cárceles catalanas serán trasladados mañana a las cárceles de Madrid en preparación para los juicios farsa. El poder judicial…

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Sí, és clar, a ComuniCATs també fem servir galetes, carquinyolis, neules... Les tenim amb o sense gluten, de xocolata, farina d'espelta..., boníssimes totes. Si les vols clica! Benvinguda! Més informació.

La configuració de les galetes d'aquesta web està definida com a "permet galetes" per poder oferir-te una millor experiència de navegació. Si continues utilitzant aquest lloc web sense canviar la configuració de galetes o bé cliques a "Acceptar" entendrem que hi estàs d'acord.