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Carta Presentències (Cartes per la República)

Les sentències dels presos polítics són a punt de sortir a la llum i España Global ha publicat i enviat un dossier a personalitats internacionals en un intent de justificar la presó preventiva i unes possibles dures sentències. Aquesta carta té com a objectiu que el lector qüestioni el dossier i s’informi dels fets consultant també fonts i documents originals del sector català.

La carta també ha estat escrita per tornar a explicar als Parlamentaris Europeus i a la premsa europea el fet que les veus de més de 2.2 milions de vots EUROPEUS han estat silenciats. Animeu-vos a personalitzar-la i adaptar-la a la vostra opinió i interès, i a enviar-la a qui considereu que ha d’estar al cas i fer alguna cosa. Pensem que ABANS de la sentència seria un molt bon moment pels enviaments. Com sempre, la persona que envia se’n fa responsable i Cartes només penja una possible proposta.

Per a qualsevol dubte, contacteu amb Cartes per la República @CartesxRep via mail [email protected].

Ens ajudeu? Entre totes, tot! 

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Aquí a sota podeu trobar La Carta.

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Dear Mr./Ms. Xxxx

My name is xxxxx, I am a European citizen concerned about the judiciary and political situation of my country, Catalonia.  I hope you do not mind taking a few minutes to read my letter and my concerns.

The Spanish government has recently realised that their repressive methods applied against the Catalan independence movement do not conform to the obligations of a member state of the European Union. Therefore in an attempt to save face, Spain has distributed a 70 page report to the international community.

The likely intention being to pre-empt severe sentences for the political prisoners, by portraying their treatment and incarceration (like terrorists) as being absolutely justified.

The likely intention being to preempt severe sentences for the political prisoners, by portraying their treatment and incarceration (like terrorists) as being absolutely justified.

It is unfortunate that some people might not question the information before giving an opinion on the matter, maybe some might even prefer not to confront an uncomfortable truth, whilst others might even accept such lies as valid and continue promoting Spanish democracy. There are those who would hypocritically dare to condemn China’s repressive methods towards Hong Kong protesters while ignoring the elephant in the room here in Europe. Thankfully, not everyone is so short-sighted or dishonest and that is the reason why I am writing to you.

I will try and give just a few arguments why you should at least question the contents of that dossier:

To begin with, the Spanish State is a monarchy first and a constitutional democracy second, which inherited power directly from Franco1 and interferes in the political scene; Felipe VI publicly gives his  opinions regarding political issues2, 3:

  • In 2016 after the investment of MHP Carles Puigdemont, he declined meeting the President of the Catalan parliament, at that time MHP Carme Forcadell, going against the protocol and making a clear statement of rejection towards the vote of the Catalan parliament.
  • On 3rd October 2017, the King gave a speech criminalising the vote on 1st of October and justifying the repressive methods used by Spanish police as well as the legal prosecution of the Catalan government, entities/associations/NGOs and citizens.
  • Last February 2019, during the trial against the Catalan political prisoners, he participated in the Word Law Congress in Madrid receiving the “World Peace & Liberty Award” and said in his speech that one cannot appeal to democracy above the law, which within the context was highly flammable not to mention ironic coming from a hereditary despot.
  • Recently, after the failed investment of Pedro Sánchez, he also publicly said new elections should be avoided.

Second, Catalonia’s government has long tried to achieve the targets set by the European Union i.e. protecting the environment (Catalan law against climate change, Nuclear energy production levy law), citizen’s access to health and their rights (Gender equality law, Law of the Social Protection Agency), fostering economic development (Commercial business reform law) but they have all been declared unconstitutional by the TC and overruled, which is actually illegally suppressing the autonomy4.

Third, the document assures that there has been no violations of HHRR with the political prisoners, pathetically attempting to justify their almost two years of incarceration, and accuses the Catalan independence movement of being violent5. But evidence disproving this was repeatedly denied to be shown during the trial by the judge6, 7, 8, 9. On top of this, Spain has ignored the demand from a United Nations (UN) Working Group on Arbitrary Detention that called last May for the immediate release of Jordi Cuixart, Jordi Sànchez and the former Catalan vice president, Oriol Junqueras10, 11.

Fourth, this dossier has been commissioned by Josep Borrell, somebody involved in several criminal scandals involving conflicts of interests, insider trading and fraud, not to mention being a proponent of Scottish succession (but without believing the same for Catalonia) and return of Gibraltar (whilst ignoring the desires of the people who live there) and believes (regarding Catalans) “you have to disinfect them”12.

And finally, oppressors never admit having used repression and tend to refer to their legality as an excuse for their behaviour avoiding the debate whether if that is fair or just at all. We all know that slavery and Nazism, for example, were once legal but that did not prevent them from being stains upon human collective history.

I cannot conclude my letter without referring to a highly extreme situation that is going on at this very moment inside the European Parliament: the violation of political rights and 2.3 M. stolen votes in the European Union.   The case of Mr. Puigdemont, Mr. Junqueras and Mr. Comín. As I hope you know, the Spanish authorities allowed them to stand at the EU elections to later ban them from standing as newly elected MEPs, disregarding more tan 2M of European citizens’ votes.

If you are interested in learning about the history and reasons for the Catalan independence movement you can delve into some of the below listed original sources. You might not agree with them but one thing sure is that you cannot understand the conflict by just reading Spanish biased information. In the end is all about being able to have one’s own opinion and citizens being able to freely decide their own future. Help democracy prevail in Europe by helping Catalonia be heard and listened to.

Thanks for your attention, your time and your solidarity.

Yours sincerely,


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Links of interest:






[6] Documentary about the 20th September

[7] Documentary about the 1st October

[8] Spanish police violence on 1st October

[9] Reports about the trial from international observers




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