Thread by @comuni_cats: “Scandal: 181 generals and high commanders in the reserve request ‘respect for Franco. Vilaweb

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Translated THREAD👇By AnnA @annuskaodena

Scandal: 181 generals and high commanders in the reserve request ‘respect for Franco’. The military commanders, all in the reserve, signed a manifesto praising the figure of the dictator.

The document, published by Ok Diario, detailing the names/surnames of all
signatories, is entitled ‘Declaration of respect and reparation to General
Francisco Franco Bahamonda, soldier of Spain’.

And it has come out to light now when the Spanish government of Pedro Sánchez is determined to exhume the remains of the dictator and remove them from the Valley of the Fallen.

Among the signatories, there are fifteen generals: José Sierra Rabuenca, Luis
Gomez-Hortigüela Amillo, Carlos Blond Álvarez del Manzano, Javier Bohorquez López- Lóriga, José Miguel Aldea Marín, Jesús Alfredo Ruiz Fernandez, Francisco Martínez Esparza Valiente,

José Fernando Abos Coto, José María Sanchez de Toca y Catalá, Enrique Cano de las Heras, Salvador Fontela Ballesta, Agustín Muñoz-Grandes Galilea, Juan Chicharro Ortega, Luis Casteleiro Villalba, Blas Piñar Lopez and Alberto Asarta Cuevas.

They say in the manifesto that they are paying a ‘tribute to the heroes who forged Spain and to all those who gave their lives for Spain. The tribute is a debt of gratitude and an incentive to continue with the ‘work’ of Franco.

In addition, they attack the left-wing, which they accuse of having disregarded the dictator. ‘After the constant attacks on the person of General Franco since his death, slowly but steadily erasing any trace of his work for Spain in the historical moments that he lived, […]

the political left & its affiliates have unleashed an uncontrolled campaign, hardly understandable if it wasn’t for their visceral obstinacy of revenge in order to erase 1/2 a century of our history, by means of a final attempt to make the main creator of this history disappear.

They add in the manifesto that the figure of Franco has been used to hide the reality of the current territorial collapse of the nation and the obvious inequality among the Spaniards.

AnnA @annuskaodena

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OK Diario

You can see the list of signatories in Ok Diario: 181 altos mandos del Ejército en la reserva firman un manifiesto en el que piden respeto al “militar Franco” y critican la “campaña infame” contra él. 

Els comandaments, tots a la reserva, signen un manifest elogiant la figura del dictador. Vilaweb


Articles about Catalonia translated into English. Articles de premsa nacional traduït a l’anglès


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Catalonia’s right to self-determination. Key aspects

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Franco was buried but the Franco regime wasn’t. Fot-li Pou

Fot li Pou Jordi Borras 300x200 - Articles about Catalonia translated into English. Articles de premsa nacional traduït a l'anglès


(Vídeo) (Video) “20-S Documentary – Sense ficció” 24 tweets translated into English

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Why Madrid press ignore the ’20-S’ documentary. El

El Nacional Jordis coche 300x158 - Articles about Catalonia translated into English. Articles de premsa nacional traduït a l'anglès



PUBLIC WORKS – Spain squandered 80,000 million euros in works and infrastructures between 1995 and 2016. Público

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Luis Planas, Sánchez’s Minister of Agriculture, honored a bloodthirsty Francoist military. Traducció de Vilaweb

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Catalan industry records the highest increase in 10 years. VIA Empresa

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“Indecent”, “Ridiculous” and “Almost Nasty”. Billy el Niño’s Victims React to Zoido’s Cynicism. Traducció Público

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Traducció a l’anglès: “Las protectoras de animales sienten “terror” ante la creación de un “palco infantil” para los festejos taurinos. ” Europa Press

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ComuniCATs – CAT EXT – Articles about Catalonia translated into English


1-O referendum and UDI were legal. Nació Digital

Nació Digital 300x69 - 1-O referendum and UDI were legal. Nació Digital

«Marchena, Casado, Sánchez or Llarena have the power to interpret the Constitution as they wish, but with the law as it stands the Jordis and the government are political prisoners.»

Traduït per l’AnnA (@annuskaodena)

Aleix Sarri 300x190 - 1-O referendum and UDI were legal. Nació Digital

The imprisonment of Catalan politicians and the Jordis is illegal. They are in prison for helping the people of Catalonia to exercise their right to self-determination as recognised in the International Treaties that Spain has signed.

All those who follow the legal argument to justify the ban on the referendum forget that in order to become an acceptable State for the Western bloc, Spain ratified a series of Treaties (the UN Charter of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Covenant of Social and Cultural Economic Rights) that recognise the right to self-determination. In neither of these cases, the State showed any reservations or demanded any exemptions in that regard, and therefore they are fully valid as ratified by the BOE in 1977 (yes, before the famous Constitution). Once the Constitution was approved, Article 96.1 makes it clear that all International Treaties ratified and in force (such as the 3 mentioned above) are part of the internal order. As explained by Professor De Zayas (a UN rapporteur for the promotion of democracy until recently), this means that the right to self-determination is fully part of the Spanish legal system and that applies to Catalonia. Therefore, the 1-O should have been considered legal by the Spanish Constitutional Court.

Franco was buried but the Franco regime wasn’t. Fot-li Pou

Fot li Pou 300x109 - Franco was buried but the Franco regime wasn’t. Fot-li Pou

Article traduït per AnnA (@annuskaodena)

Fot li Pou Jordi Borras 300x200 - Franco was buried but the Franco regime wasn’t. Fot-li Pou

15 days ago I published an article on this website entitled «Esperant el mort» (Waiting for the dead one). It was a text without frills, along the lines of other articles I have written in recent months, where I warned of a growing irrational violence from supporters of the unity of Spain, whether or not they are right-wing activists. I couldn’t imagine then that a week later, on Monday 16th of July, I would be the victim of one of their attacks. Certainly, there was no surprise factor: in the last five years I have filed about a dozen police reports related to countless death threats, coercion and attempted aggression that I have had to endure from the far-right and the most intransigent Spanish ultra nationalism. Unfortunately in my case, few reports have been successful. One of them, even, ended with a 1 year prison sentence for Pedro Chaparro, fascist leader of Democracia Nacional, also convicted for assaulting the Blanquerna Cultural Centre in Madrid. Chaparro has never served the sentence, despite the double conviction which adds up to 5 years of prison.

(Vídeo) Documental 20-S “Sense ficció”. 24 tuits traduïts a l’anglès

Jordi Borras Jordis negociant - (Vídeo) Documental 20-S "Sense ficció". 24 tuits traduïts a l'anglès
Imatge de Jordi Borràs

Documental 20-S del programa “Sense ficció” emès el passat dijous 28 de juny, a les 22.05, a TV3. Produït per Mediapro i dirigit per Jaume Roures. Aquest documental ha desmuntat la versió que l’estat espanyol ha defensat per empresonar a Jordi Sànchez i Jordi Cuixart i per extensió a tota la macrocausa catalana. Les imatges han parlat per elles mateixes. El documental ha arrasat a Catalunya però també a nivell mundial.

Primer “trending topic” a Espanya i tercer mundial durant bona part de la nit. 1.071.000 espectadors de mitjana van veure el documental 20-S. Una quota de pantalla del 34,8%. A Twitter, el documental va generar 1.214.000 missatges durant tot el dia, amb 9,7 milions d’impressions, I el hashtag #20STV3 va tenir més de 50.200 tuits.

La nostra traductora l’Anna @annuskaodena va traduir en el moment de la transmissió molts tuits a l’anglès. Hem completat els que va publicar amb traduccions del compte de @senseficcio i altres d’interès.

Why Madrid press ignore the ’20-S’ documentary. El

El  1 300x73 - Why Madrid press ignore the '20-S' documentary. El

Better lose the eyes than not see properly. This is what Madrid press have done with the ’20-S’ documentary, produced by Mediapro and broadcasted on TV3’s Sense Ficció.

Article traduït per AnnA (@annuskaodena)

El Nacional Jordis coche 300x158 - Why Madrid press ignore the '20-S' documentary. El
Image Source: Crónica Global / El Español

On Thursday night the Catalan public television ratings rose to a stratospheric 34.8% thanks to this documentary, however, the Madrid newspapers have reacted like an ostrich in danger, burying their heads in the sand, or like small children, who think they can disappear just by closing their eyes. We know, ignorance is the best contempt.

982,000 people in Catalonia watched the documentary, well over a million during peak time. It was a success, certainly. In social networks, it generated 121,400 tweets and 9.7 million impressions. The hashtag #20STV3 produced more than 50,200 tweets; it was the top trending topic in Spain and the third in the world during two and a half hours on Thursday night. All in all, ’20-S’ was the most talked about TV programme of the day in Spain, according to data from Twitter and Kantar Media, the auditing firm of reference.

This Friday, ’20-S’ was also the star theme of the two great morning shows in Catalan radio, El Matí de Catalunya Ràdio and El Món a RAC1, which together have about 1.5 million listeners.

Ignored news
It’s a bad comparison but, as an example, Spain v Morocco World Cup match had 1,441,000 Catalan viewers, ratings of 58.3%. A blockbuster on TV can get up to between 23% and 25% at the most. Here, the documentary has better rating figures.

Everybody could say this is news just because of the data. A piece of news so easy to spot like an elephant in the room.

However, this was not the case according to Madrid press, both printed and digital, where the ’20-S’ ratings were a little over 0%. There is a small mention in Público (digital), their owner and Mediapro owner are the same person. Tomàs Delclós wrote a column in El País, lightly describing the contents of the documentary: “Audiovisual testimonies question the judicial version regarding the demonstration that took place opposite the Ministry of Economy”. El Confidencial published a brief piece in Vanitatis, their paparazzi section. We won’t mention Vertele nor Ecoteuve, specialised leading TV portals.

El Nacional Madrid press 1 300x169 - Why Madrid press ignore the '20-S' documentary. El
Image source: Diario Público

Reasons for this rejection
What is it about this documentary, that they don’t like it?
It provides elements that take Judge Pablo Llarena’s version apart regarding the demonstration that surrounded the Ministry of Economy during the Civil Guard assault on the 20th of September 2017.

It shows how the Spanish police tried to enter the headquarters of the political party CUP without a court order and how they remained outside for more than three hours waiting for sparks to fly and a riot to start that could just justify whatever they were there for.

The documentary puts into context the iconic photo of the Jordis on top of the Civil Guard vehicle which has been used to charge them. They were the last ones to climb on top, after the reporters, amongst others.

It questions why the police force left weapons and ammunition unattended inside the cars: nothing happened, either among the people demonstrating on 20-S or among the officers that left them in plain sight.

It denies the public prosecutor’s version which states there were no officers at the Ministry’s doors. It also ridicules his insolent sarcasm when interrogating Major Trapero.

It warns that the Vice-President, Sáenz de Santamaría; the Minister of the Interior, Zoido and the head of the judicial police in Catalonia, Baena, refused to make any statements for the documentary.

It makes clear the Jordis rejected any sort of violence, on the contrary: they opposed it at all times, they actively discouraged it and they acted as mediators between the Civil Guard and the demonstrators.

The documentary does all of this, furthermore, with previously unpublished footage.
It is precisely because of all this that they don’t like it. What would appeal to others, has the opposite effect here. Because ‘20-S’ not only points at the police and judicial fabrications that have served to keep Jordi Sánchez and Jordi Cuixart nine months in preventive prison. It also points at the complicity of the media in spreading these deceits and in trying to make it the dominant tale in Spain. The documentary removes their masks and places them in front of the mirror. They have not looked at themselves properly, hence the situation.

Article traduït per AnnA (@annuskaodena) segons el meu millor coneixement de l’anglès.
Article translated by AnnA (@annuskaodena) to the best of my knowledge of English.

Source: El Nacional @elnacionalcat

Author: Antoni Maria Piqué
29th June 2018
Image source 1: Crónica Global – El Español
Image source 2:  Diario Público


All cases of censorship against freedom of expression in Spain. El

El  1 300x73 - All cases of censorship against freedom of expression in Spain. El

Every day more and more cases are added to the list of violations of the right to freedom of expression in Spain. All kinds of groups have been victims: rappers, journalists, artists, actors…

Article traduït per AnnA (@annuskaodena)

El Nacional Carlos Latuff Censura 300x200 - All cases of censorship against freedom of expression in Spain. El
Image by Carlos Latuff

Below, we have gathered the main cases registered up to date.

Exaltation of terrorism

Valtonyc, exiled

For now, rapper Valtonyc is the only one exiled with sentences related to freedom of expression. He was sentenced by the Supreme Court to three and a half years in prison for crimes of exaltation of terrorism and humiliation of the victims, insults to King Juan Carlos I and threats to Jorge Campos from ‘Actúa Baleares’ political party. All this, because of the lyrics of his songs.

Rather than entering prison, the rapper, from Mallorca, chose to flee to Belgium. His defence His defence says that Europe is the best place where their rights can be guaranteed and they intend to appeal the ruling to the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg.

Offense: Verses such as “I want to communicate a message of hope to the Spanish people, ETA is a great nation”, literal phrase of one of Rajoy’s slips in 2007, “Let’s see if you realise, like Bárcenas case, I lose the papers and I shout GORA ETA in the barracks” or “De Cospedal would not laugh so much in a hole at forty degrees”.

Pablo Hasel, 2 years of prison

Pablo Rivadulla, also a rapper, known as Pablo Hasel, has been sentenced by the National Court to two years and one day in prison for the crimes of exalting terrorism and insults to the Crown and to the State institutions for messages on Twitter and a song uploaded to YouTube. As well as the prison conviction, he has to pay a fine of 24,300 euros.

Hasel has filed an appeal. If neither the National High Court nor, later, the Supreme Court accept the appeals, Hasel must go into prison because he was already sentenced, back in 2014, to two years for exalting terrorism.

Offense: Verses such as “My brother enters PP headquarters shouting ¡Gora ETA!”, “Death sentence now to the pathetic Princesses” o “The GRAPO acted in self-defence against imperialism and its crimes”.

La Insurgencia, 12 people sentenced

La Insurgencia, a group of rappers, were called to testify at the National High Court before Judge Carmen Lamela in November 2016, accused of exalting terrorist organizations such as GRAPO. In December 2017, they were sentenced to two years and one day. Because of this additional day added to the sentence, prison entry of all twelve members is mandatory despite having no criminal record.

The sentence counted on the dissenting opinion of Judge Ángela Murillo, who considered that they wanted “to obtain notoriety, reaffirming their personalities, ultimately, to get attention by other routes”. The group has appealed the sentence to avoid entering prison.

Offense: Verses such as “I know which side I am on, the one of the oppressed, the exploited, remembering how fascists flew with the GRAPO”, “it’s a disgrace that the Bourbons have not yet been subjected to any explosions” or “guillotines are needed for the pigs leading the police”.

The puppeteers of Madrid, prison for one hyphen

Two puppeteers were arrested and sent to provisional prison with no bail at the beginning of February 2016 after representing their show ‘The witch and Don Cristóbal’ during the Carnival. They were accused of exaltation of terrorism and incitement to hatred for showing a small banner which said ‘Gora Alka-ETA’, a word play with ‘Gora Alkaeta’ (long live the mayor).

They spent 5 days in prison, until the Prosecutor’s office changed their mind and asked for them to be freed. The accusation for exaltation of terrorism was filed in June and at the beginning of 2017 they were acquitted of the crime of incitement to hatred. The case was followed with great expectation and indignation and their show was represented in cities all over Spain.


Cassandra, sentences that blow up

Cassandra Vera, @kira_95 on Twitter, was reported in 2016 for her tweets joking about the death of Carrero Blanco. The lawsuit was filed by the Civil Guard -when the girl turned 18 years old- after finding her tweets during Operation Spider, designed to pursue the exaltation of terrorism in social networks.

Cassandra based her defence on freedom of expression but was sentenced by the National Court to a year in prison and seven years of disqualification. His case raised a lot of controversy and, she even received a letter of support from Carrero Blanco’s granddaughter. Finally, the sentence was overturned in 2018 by the Supreme Court, reasoning that her statements were just “humorous” regarding an event that, after 44 years, could be considered “history”.

Offense: Tweets such as “ETA promoted a policy against official cars combined with a space program”, “Spiderman VS Carrero Blanco” o “Kissinger gave Carrero Blanco a piece of the moon, ETA paid for his trip”.

César Strawberry, prison for his tweets about GRAPO and ETA

The singer of Def con Dos, César Augusto Montaña Lehmann, was sentenced, in 2017, to one year in prison and six and a half years of total disqualification for exaltation of terrorism and humiliation of ETA’s and GRAPO’s victims. The National Court acquitted him after considering his messages to be a part of his artistic side, but the prosecutor appealed to the Supreme Court, and he was sentenced one year later. He is accused of writing a series of tweets that he published between November 2013 and January 2014.

Offense: Tweets such as:

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